1. How does it work? 

How it works, click here

2. What makes a good photo?

Click here to see what makes a good photo.

3. Can I use the photos taken with my phone?
Yes, you can send us photos taken from your phone.

4. Do you only make portraits of cats and dogs?

Nope, we can make a portrait of any of your adorable pets. Horses, birds, lizards, hamsters,rabbits, etc.

5. Can I have more than 1 pet in a portrait?

Yes, please contact us for this special request and we can discuss the details.

Contact us here: Support@PoshPetPortraits.com

6. Can I see my portrait before it ships?

You can special request that we show you a mock-up via email. Please note that this unfortunately might delay shipment of the canvas to you.

7. Why is my canvas black on the sides?

We black wrap some of our canvases so that we don't cut of those cute ears or a headpiece on top of your pet's head.